We’re here to help you aim higher. It’s that simple.  

Thanks to our thriving networks, the Open Innovation Group blends business with technology and brings you closer to the people that matter: the people that can help you and your brand get ahead.   Bringing innovation into the digital age, we cover the very latest technological insights and combine them with smart business solutions and innovations and inspiring ideas and the products and data that will help you flourish.  

We do all this via our extensively-researched conference programmes. Every event brings cutting edge data, insight and investment strategies to you – and thanks to our network, we help you expand your contacts book with influential experts across multiple industries. Our events are intimate, too, so you can be sure your money is well spent and your time’s well-invested.   

Putting tech and data at the forefront of our discussions, we can help shape the future of your brand. Leading the way in the ever-evolving technology ecosystem, The Open Innovation Group is your trusted partner for business change.

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The Open Innovation Group is an influential community for senior decision makers and innovators involved in Sports and Entertainment, Health Care and Energy. We are a catalyst for dialogue, debate, innovation and deal making to help lead growth across all areas of the industries we serve.