Want to establish yourself as a thought-leader? Why wouldn't you?! After all, it can mean a boost for your business and a key personal goal realised.   At Open Innovation Group, we hand select our speakers from a thriving community of practitioners. Bringing together a panel that represents senior-level influencers in a host of fields, we tailor our agenda to the industry and expertise of our attendees.   Speak at an Open Innovation Group conference and you'll have the chance to:  

  • Connect with your peers and start and encourage insightful discussions
  • Communicate and share insights in a bid to move the industry forwar
  • Realise a key personal goal.   

With a wealth of networking opportunities on offer "during the event's coffee and lunch breaks and at the evening drinks reception" you'll be in the perfect place to make vital connections.  

Encouraging discussion, our conference programmes allow for plenty of time to chat to expert speakers from our dynamic and thought-provoking panel discussions. But presenting isn't simply about sharing your experiences; it gives you the chance to learn from others and grow as a professional - and as an individual.  

Ready to take the plunge? Come on in; the water's lovely. Ping us an email at info@open-innovation-group.com and we'd be more than happy to send you some details.


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The Open Innovation Group is an influential community for senior decision makers and innovators involved in Sports and Entertainment, Health Care and Energy. We are a catalyst for dialogue, debate, innovation and deal making to help lead growth across all areas of the industries we serve.